Start a Revolution -
Stop hating your body

You are not alone!

Nearly every woman knows how it feels to be unsatisfied with her body. Many of us even have tried out some crash diets and wished to look differently. It is no shame to speak about it – and I want to encourage you to check-in, if you are still somehow caught in unhealthy eating patterns. Honesty is the first huge step towards freedom and change.

Restriction, overeating, emotional eating… this is quite common nowadays and we can overcome it by being honest and vulnerable – by asking for some guidance and support.


I am Alissa

My name is Alissa and I am a certified nutritionist, Systemic Coach and founder of the Vegan Food Startup VEPROSA. I want to encourage women to get back in their true power by reclaiming control over their emotions and eating patterns. As NLP Coach I help to surmount old, unwanted habits and create new, health-boosting routines. It’s all about creating a new way of thinking, transforming your self-perception and building the NEW. Not only have I helped other women for more than 3 years to get back to relaxed eating – I also managed to reach this goal by myself after 5+ years of bulimia. This is why I can tell and feel, how crucial a healthy mind in a healthy body is. 

How we can proceed

1. First things first: we have to get to know each other in order to discuss your further steps.

2. We will then get a good impression to decide which next steps will help you to reach your goal.

So please do not hesitate, if you feel that we should have an honest and goal-oriented talk!

My special offer for you

I’m more than happy you found me through my friend Wioletta. As a gift I want to offer you a free consultation. If it’s a match and we both decide that I will become your personal coach and support you on your way, there will be a 100€ discount for you on my program!